The Death of Affliction MMA

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The Fight Network presents a special feature on the history and eventual demise of Affliction Entertainment. Go to for more.


25 Responses to “The Death of Affliction MMA”
  1. TheBLAHRAWR says:

    “went on to avenge the mma mastadon known as UFC”… lol… how did it rival the ufc? it was like 3% the net worth and viewers

  2. XBlazingDemonX says:


  3. deeeznuts00 says:


  4. warjjahnathan says:

    Fedor has fought no names

  5. kungfujellybean says:

    So that’s how it happened. Cool

  6. AtlantisRising1 says:

    I dont get what Arlovski was going for when he got caught by Fedor? He just like hopped. It didnt really look like he was going for a flying knee, and he just wasnt “walking forward”.

  7. extremelydumbcasas30 says:

    it’s a damn shame fedor went to strikeforce, wished he went to UFC to fight brock, but what can you do, hope strikefarce goes under so its great fighters (diaz, shields, fedor, sobral, le) can maybe go to the UFC where they belong

  8. JRBreason says:

    sure it did…..sure it did…..

  9. sfarimomo says:

    fedor the killer

  10. nimap says:

    check out more fights here – FIGHTPLAY

  11. lvlarzyciel says:

    Mixed Martial Arts- fuck Fedor is like a Winnetou!

  12. BGLart says:

    just wanted you to know that all the materials arts thingy started in India.

  13. AllSystems says:

    we need more organisations like this. I LOVE THE UFC but at the same time I wish we still had Pride running in Japan and I wish we had more headline organisations. The fighters need options.

  14. RuskiTytan says:

    They paid 800k to Silvia and 300k to Fedor. That’s why affliction died – they were just a bunch of greedy bastards unwilling to pay Fedor what he deserved.

  15. RuskiTytan says:

    Actually in medieval europe there were already highly developed martial arts very similiar to contemporary MMA (lots of wrestling, grappling, armlocks etc.). Europe has really great martial arts heritage, unfortunately most of it got forgotten during 17-19th century period.

  16. nizepart0519 says:

    LOL. You do know that mma fights started throughout Europe and Japan.

  17. bumblebeeetuna says:

    @KLEIN000045 lol idiot. the end!

  18. duje291 says:

    this is sooo sick just diots work that

  19. AureliusGloria111 says:

    @NINJAMOUSE21 u r 100% right. long live Greece, from Italy. the atmosphere of war of the octagon anyway comes from the roman empire and the colosseum were battles took place there between so called gladiators. so to Italy and Greece are the motherlands of mma. Even the ufc begins its program with an omage to the italian centurions and gladiators who stepped into the colosseum back then…as now mma fighter step into the octoagon…

  20. NINJAMOUSE21 says:

    MMA is greek and if you have any questions just read about pagratio

  21. UndercoverCracker says:

    Too American!! You can never have too much America! lol

  22. Hblockballa says:

    Thats the stupidest thing ever. Vale tudo had been goin on in brazil for years on the firt pro MMa organization was in Japan

  23. BobbyClumsyNinja says:

    @KLEIN000045 you know nothing, it seems

  24. AureliusGloria111 says:

    absolutly not. mma is brasilian and russian and then american …but last position.

  25. KLEIN000045 says:

    So? I believe thats a good thing.