Raw Video: Herschel Walker Wins MMA Debut

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Former NFL star Herschel Walker stopped Hungarian fighter Greg Nagy in the third round Saturday night to win his mixed-martial arts debut. (Jan. 31)


25 Responses to “Raw Video: Herschel Walker Wins MMA Debut”
  1. romell2009 says:

    wow while studying for my psychology class, i found out that he supposedly has dissociative disorder. Which is multiple identity disorder, and he wrote a book about he struggles with it….interesting…..

  2. AxelPRC says:

    @pharry4life wow yea ive heard about his 2000 pushups a day and 1500 situps a day etc its pretty amazing. Its just crazy to see a 47 yr old look like he could be a star in the nfl right now

  3. pharry4life says:

    @AxelPRC Fair enough. I know what you mean. Obviously there have been alot of stars who have disappointed us all. I just think that, reading more widely on Walker seeing his incredible exploits over the years he is simply an awesome natural athlete, he never went out of shape and he combined incredible genetics with an incredible work ethic. I just think he wouldnt know what to do with hgh even if it was legal,he famously didnt even take aspirin or conventional pain killers as an NFL player!

  4. AxelPRC says:

    @pharry4life ok you man be right but i cant believe that anyone who is successful in physical american sports is clean although i would like to believe that these larger than life figures are clean, too many times i have been let down. I really like this guy and yes he is an absolute mutant but there will always be suspision

  5. pharry4life says:

    @AxelPRC You muppet. Do some research on this guy. He is literally a one in a BILIION genetic talent. He did a fully ratified electronic 10.3 100m when he weighed 225lbs in the early 1980s, thats the heaviest anyone has ever been recorded to run that fast…ever. He has never touched alcohol or medication, so you reckon he is suddenly going to jump into hard core drugs. Gimme a break. People need to recognise this is just physically superior to 99.999% of people.

  6. AxelPRC says:

    this guy is a freak and a very hard worker but i think hes on hgh

  7. AxelPRC says:

    @MrEdwin619 your an idiot

  8. destroyer919 says:

    damn for his age he’s fucking ripped

  9. gygyghuhhyu says:

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  10. Totally80sDude says:

    Only one word comes to mind: INSPIRATION.

  11. gygyghuhhyu says:

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  12. warlord618 says:

    @MrEdwin619 when you are older you will realize that you could not have beaten him. just like a cub lion cant beat a mature lion

  13. SlapNutsPoonJab says:

    @josh7982 Thats completly false!!! In and interview Walker said in the fighting community he’s a no name. So why should he try to use his fame to fight a ranked guy who he doesnt deserve to fight yet? Like Shane Carwin Herschel Walker belives in the tradition of earning his fights by working his way up!!!

  14. MrEdwin619 says:

    not taking anything from herschel walker, but im only 16 and i think i could of beat this guys ass.

  15. MrEdwin619 says:


  16. bigmikec9 says:

    I always have admired Hershel Walker.

  17. ratskan says:

    HOLY CRAP… 47? If I looked like him right now I would never wear a shirt… not even at work. And I’m sure nobody would mind.

  18. KurtG85 says:

    @Blacktigger28 Because hes a good human being who showed highly respectable composure, athleticism, clear self-discipline in training and respect for his fellow opponents (on this occassion; I don’t know his history). Maybe, if you are a person who listens to it, your problem is you should stop riding the dicks of modern thug rappers who are destroying the dignity, self-discipline, respectfulness, and intelligence of black culture with their claims to fame of being thugs, murderers and thieves?

  19. KurtG85 says:

    Classy, classy, classy mother f’er. Congrats Herschel! You the legend!

  20. twoblink says:

    This guy use to carry cows around.. Mad respect. If you were 1/10th his physical fitness at his age, you’d be giddy like a 6th grade girl.

  21. kenpojujitsu3 says:

    He is still in great shape and I’m impressed by his composure and patience. He picked his shots instead of just swinging like many cross-over athlete do. Nice job.

  22. josh7982 says:

    I think Herschel Walker played it too safe in who he fought He didn’t want to chance being embarrased and I was not impressed by him beating a no name Fighter.

  23. wyteboybb says:

    pretty good for almost being 50 yrs old. usually your reflexes are gone by the time your 38 at most.

  24. Efferts says:

    Personally, I feel a lot of athletic stars like Walker have neglected MMA for too long. Yeah he’s “mature” but, c’mon.. it’s Herschel fuckin’ Walker! He’ll only die to tackle the devil if there was one.

  25. salsasamuri says:

    Greg Nagy has no clue how to fight. No wonder Herschal won.
    If he was fighting someone like Kimbo or Lashey he would get owned