MMA Ultimate Set: Anderson Silva Fighter Impersonations (Kimbo, Machida, Liddell, Couture, etc)

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Visit for more info. This is one of over a dozen hilarious bonus feature outtakes from Anderson Silva’s DVD shoot. Direction, Videography, Editing, Music, Design, and Production by Brian Rule http Presented by Victory Belt


25 Responses to “MMA Ultimate Set: Anderson Silva Fighter Impersonations (Kimbo, Machida, Liddell, Couture, etc)”
  1. kakaroto6662 says:


  2. Blackshinobi352 says:

    LOL wow man he seems like a fun guy to be around when training

  3. THaTBeaNJT says:

    Did you see how good he did Wanderlei? This should be scary to the fighters he impersonated. The already knows their style.

  4. Raginmonky says:

    @crunkwun, that doesn’t make sense. Humble wouldn’t be able to knock him out, because he’d use his superior head movement and speed to knock it out first.

  5. GianluxRoccia says:

    @djomarino ahahok tanks.i tinked was marius pudzianoski

  6. djomarino says:

    @GianluxRoccia lyoto machida

  7. GianluxRoccia says:

    :) ).who in the imitation at 1:10?????

  8. slickrick1100 says:

    His Kimbo impression was great.Laughed so hard.

  9. whosthedaddy11 says:


  10. kingwls says:

    the machida impresonation was the best!hahaha arent they food friends?

  11. mrqjohnson1 says:

    4 loses huh? check the record. 1 was his very first professional match that was judges decision. 2 was a pride setup match which they asked anderson to fight with a broken foot and told chonan of the broken foot and to attack it. third was a DQ from an up kick against Yushin Okami(i guess). He has only one apparent credible loss against Daiju Takase who submitted him, since then Anderson has earned a black belt from the Nog brothers in BJJ making up for that weakness in his game.

  12. albertoxFTW says:

    LMao the Gracie is right on point

  13. albertoxFTW says:

    @StSimonOfTrent check those loses andu might change your mind ,is like saying fedor has a loss in his record when u look it up u know is bs lol

  14. babeboyp says:

    lol this funny ass hell lol

  15. Supersmurf62 says:

    @StSimonOfTrent I don’t think we are going to see that anytime soon. he is the fedor of the welterweight division. Especially if GSP bumps up weight to match this MMA legend’s status GSP is going to have to dig deep. I mean GSP got knocked out by sierra imagine what Silva’s mauy thai would do to GSP. I hope he gets beat comes back and and gets beat again. It happened to BJ Penn, that is why you don’t jump weight. I wrestle so I know. I don’t fuck with people 1-2 weight classes above me.

  16. elmeeone says:

    rafael is a beast!!!!!!!!

  17. clt1129 says:

    he does machida the best!

  18. tha07flopro says:

    LOL he got the chuck belly goin HAHAHA

  19. adam28865800 says:

    was this a summary of what happened when he fought demian maia ha !

  20. Knockenbootz says:

    @AbdiXL Rampage would get smashed

  21. StSimonOfTrent says:

    Silva is beatable, 4 losses on his record..

    Cant wait to see him be grounded and pounded.

  22. kjikd122 says:

    nice machida xd look just like him 2 a point

  23. crunkwun says:

    @macetube17 Im not doubting that hes one of the best p4p out there. But he is a cock. That guy wouldnt know what humble is if it got through his guard and knocked his ass out!!!!

  24. macetube17 says:

    @crunkwun your crazy as hell true mma fans will watch him where ever he fight he is one of the best p4p for a reason

  25. cdmpolivalence2 says: