MMA – The Knockouts of 2009 – Vol.1

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gonna start making these every time i have enough KO’s


25 Responses to “MMA – The Knockouts of 2009 – Vol.1”
  1. ottimotti1 says:

    @jin263 sag mal biste eig doof diese knockouts passieren ja und sehr oft wie man sieht zwar nicht in jedem kampf aber der sport ist sehr sehr sehr hart ich meine guck dir mal golf an wie jeder andere sport denke ich nicht

  2. thirdy666 says:

    this is fucking great special the first KO….

  3. carlost587 says:

    muuii bueen viideoo de lujoo feliizidadees paa el qee lo elabooroo :)

  4. aspirineta100 says:

    Excelente video, muy buenas piñas, mato el chabon que se escapa corriendo y le calzan una patada de atras jaja.

  5. jin263 says:

    @KlickxKlackxBang das ist ein ganz normaler sport… und der ist um einiges harmloser als Boxen. das sieht schlimmer aus als was es ist, da in diesem Video nur die Knockouts gezeigt werden… must dir die kämpfe mal im TV angucken. sch schlimm ist das eigentlich garnicht.

  6. KlickxKlackxBang says:

    And this is allowed?
    i come from germany and i saw people getting shot
    without reason
    but this is harder

  7. JUANREDES1 says:

    exelente video amigo esta bueno se agradece =) saludos

  8. Aioria1978 says:

    I have no words O_O

    Impresive, amazing…

    This men are MAD.


  9. avihayvideos says:

    AMAzing!!! I’m a fan of MMA but haven’t seen most of this knockouts!!
    Can you post the fighters names in the matches here?

  10. TheGarrethoc says:

    check out ”punch boy” by clicking thegarrethoc

  11. Igearsftw says:

    @nastydude13 That’s called hammerfists retard

  12. captainkunty says:

    James Horner. Good choice

  13. niblick322 says:

    well done

  14. BitTheBulletNow says:

    spining back fist when it starts

  15. THUQLIFE51 says:

    best vid

  16. alundor says:

    do someone know the name of the song?

  17. shero1263 says:

    Thanks alot, this is one of the best knock out compilation I have ever seen. Keep up the good work.

  18. vipersnipes says:

    1:56 Brutal as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. HardestRaver90 says:

    Oh my fucking God!!! This is hardcore!!!

  20. Deutsch187 says:

    I want to beat someone up!!!

  21. stafy3282 says:

    you want to stop watching it but you just cant…..awesome vid

  22. kentbrockton says:

    4:10 gotta love watching Le get smashed love seeing overrated fighters get owned

  23. HTA1988 says:

    haha 5:06

  24. chemicalending says:

    did you hear about the two ufc fighters who took some drugs? one of them was completely high and thought the other would be kinda demon or sent by satan.
    so he cut him up and took his heard

  25. 420chronmasta says:

    that bs they can punch em when they are down.