MMA Fighter Mayhem Miller flips out on EA Sports MMA programmers

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visit to see the whole day! —– Join MTV’s Jason MIller does not agree with how the EA Staff programmed his fighters skills for EA Sports MMA video game!


25 Responses to “MMA Fighter Mayhem Miller flips out on EA Sports MMA programmers”
  1. sk8erboy618 says:

    Ha this video was funny!

  2. itsallgood239 says:

    @zephyrgrim Lol. Wow a theif too.

  3. zephyrgrim says:


    I’m sure you do wish it. Too bad Internet geeks who masquerade as “pimps” don’t appeal to me. I don’t really like try-hard, hypocritical morons. I think your best friend is Denial.

  4. itsallgood239 says:

    @zephyrgrim Alibis, false accusations, and nerdy comebacks…You are one cool kid. I wish I could be able to hang around kids like you in school!

  5. zephyrgrim says:


    Wow, so tough of you to say, for an Internet geek. So incisive with your words–did you come up with that all on your own? Good job, little one!

  6. itsallgood239 says:

    @zephyrgrim hahaha your a faggot

  7. zephyrgrim says:


    Didn’t even read your waste of a post. All I know is that for a guy who considers himself above “Internet geek” status, who thinks he’s a “pimp” and a boxer, it’s hypocritical to call people such a thing when you keep maintaining an “Internet argument.” It’s fucking hilarious. It’s like Elton John bagging out Ricky Martin for being gay. LOL

  8. itsallgood239 says:

    @zephyrgrim Lol I’m not trying to impress you at all. You are the one assuming I don’t know anything about MMA while I actually fight in real life, while you are only a fan. You brought all that up. Not me. Nerds always assume stuff. Like how I am a casual fan. And nerds always make excuses. You’ve made tones of those too. Wow, this keeps getting better and better. Maybe you can’t comprehend? Roflmao!!! you r a epic youtubez nerd that thinks he is a HxC MMA fan.

  9. zephyrgrim says:


    LOL. And now you try to impress me sending a personal message telling me you box. WOW. Sounds like an Internet nerd to me. Trying to make yourself seem tough over the Internet. How can you deny that? Hahahahahaha.

  10. zephyrgrim says:


    Angry? LOL. Yeah, umm, okkay. Next, don’t send me a personal message trying to ask me to stop and then feel the need to keep replying here. Guess what? You feel right into my hands: given that for the last hour or so you have found yourself arguing back and forth over the Internet, it’s pretty funny you have a lofty sense of yourself calling people Internet nerds when you just became one yourself. LMAO

  11. itsallgood239 says:

    @zephyrgrim Once again, you look like a fucking nerd. You are getting really angry. That is probably because everything I’m saying it true.

  12. zephyrgrim says:


    Oh, and another thing: I noticed you go around calling people nerds for doing the same shit you do. Are you in some kind of denial, like the cool kids won’t think you’re such a badass “pimp” for talking on the Internet? I’m not ashamed of myself like you obviously are. You obviously need to pretend to above things to convince yourself you’re “cool”. good luck with that, boy.

  13. zephyrgrim says:


    I didn’t know MMA was nerd shit. Must be to you. You must lurk around the MMA threads to rag on the fans. Fair enough, if that’s how you roll. And keep ignoring what I say because it’s convenient you ignore it because I keep indicating how hypocritical you are. But if a retard thinks grass is blue, how can you convince him it’s green if he’s adamant about?

  14. itsallgood239 says:

    @zephyrgrim You went on my page. You comment my page talking nerd shit. You go under my favorited videos. You reply my comments 1 minute after I typed them. But I’m the Internet geek. Hahahhaaa! I bet you don’t hang out with the cool kids in school. Just stop replying. It is for your own good.

  15. zephyrgrim says:


    Replied last? I have a thousand tabs open. It’s called multitasking, Einstein. Hmm, I keep proving you wrong. I already proved you to be a hypocrite, I already proved you to be an Internet geek, I already proved you lied when you said it doesn’t matter to you since you keep replying. How much hubris can you have? Talk about reaching. lol.

  16. itsallgood239 says:

    @zephyrgrim hahhaa you replied fast. shows how much time you dedicate your life to youtube. I’m really dumb? you have failed to show me how. just give up

  17. zephyrgrim says:


    LOL. Another contradiction. If it didn’t matter to you you would not have replied at all. You really are dumb.

  18. itsallgood239 says:

    @zephyrgrim Wow quit wasting your time because you typed these 2 paragraphs for no reason because i didnt even read em nerd. i see what you are trying to do but internet nerds don’t really get to me. im obviously getting to you though

  19. zephyrgrim says:


    But I guess you’re too “fucking pimp” for me. Wow. You are so cool because you say “pimp.” What a badass. I suppose talking like that separates yourself from being an “Internet geek” even though you bag computer slang yet use it at the same time with “lmao”. You are SO badass, man. Sorry Internet tough guy, I didn’t know you were such a badass.

  20. zephyrgrim says:


    It’s still “stupid ass slang”–what difference does it make? Because one is considered uncool just for being jargon based around computer use? You seem to be the typical fool who tries his hardest to fit in. By the way, I noticed in one of your comments you used “Lmao”–I guess that makes you an “Internet geek”. Or maybe you’d prefer “Internet tough guy” you retard. What a loser and a hypocrite. Yeesh.

  21. itsallgood239 says:

    @zephyrgrim Lol. “stupid ass slang” is slang. You are a retard homie

  22. zephyrgrim says:


    And another thing, you’re going on about stupid slang and you say “stupid ass slang” to prove your point? Haha. You must be one dumb motherfucker.

  23. zephyrgrim says:


    Mate, you’re contradicting yourself. You’ve just passed over into being an “Internet nerd” yourself. So shut the FUCK up you piece of shit.

  24. itsallgood239 says:

    @zephyrgrim Why do Internet nerds like you always have to use stupid ass slang? Troll. Shut up you nerd

  25. itsallgood239 says:

    @bigas2k What the fuck are you even bitching about? People cry just to cry these days. Fucking faggot