MMA – BEST Knockouts, Brutal KO’s – UFC, PRIDE, Mixed Martial Arts, Fighting

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MMA – BEST Knockouts, Brutal KO’s – UFC, PRIDE, Mixed Martial Arts, Fighting Agreat fight! Want more? Interested in a certain event? Looking for MMA DVD’s? Just ask for our list of events at: Or visit: Please subscribe, many more videos on the way! Thanks and keep on fighting! – TTFDVDs MMA ACTION 24/7!


25 Responses to “MMA – BEST Knockouts, Brutal KO’s – UFC, PRIDE, Mixed Martial Arts, Fighting”
  1. divmccaff says:

    wtf wheres all the shogun rua knock outs he went about jumping on peoples faces n nocked thm out n u gt none of him:s

  2. pwnagewhattha says:

    @MrHeavyMetal93 Renegades of funk

  3. MrHeavyMetal93 says:

    What RATM song is this

  4. jerhonrado says:


  5. MrGothichippy says:

    this is EPIC

  6. sinyz34 says:

    2:43 :O

  7. robbertvanelferen says:

    @ 1:10 Isn’t that the big K-1 Star Semmy Schilt???

    He really looks like Semmy!

    Thanks for the response! :D

  8. allengreen314 says:

    @casas838 thats don frye vs takayama

  9. supernova10128 says:

    @greymafia i think it was a mouth guard

  10. GrIMeFieND92 says:

    pride is so much more ruthless :P i like it

  11. gilesyLFC says:

    1:49 biggest cage ever!!!

  12. choochoogoesit says:

    @greymafia lol, that was his mouthpiece.

  13. leefudabee123 says:

    1:49 is a midget fight

  14. greymafia says:

    that guy nose came off at 0:24

  15. micky972madinina says:


  16. rocky115 says:

    if Steven seagal went into this in the 90s you think any of them would stand a chance?

  17. MaNeblue14 says:

    2:51 is beast knockout!!

  18. casas838 says:

    who is in 2:43?

  19. Kralj986 says:

    holy shit …

  20. IIPoZEsTx says:

    2:22 is crzyyyyyyy

  21. kneegrowNec says:

    0:49 my bad…

  22. kneegrowNec says:

    0:50 what the fuck? thats not even alloud. that can also kill him


    chuck liddel gary goodridge and whoever reversed the armbar at 2:11

  24. juanros71 says:

    @Isundir no i meant its NOT just brute force of course its not and thinking about it i think they are equally technical boxing has its own skills and mma has its own skills but they are both great

  25. jamesjosuejara says:

    music so gay :-s