Jiu Jitsu in MMA Highlight

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Jiu Jitsu in MMA highlight by Hamoom


25 Responses to “Jiu Jitsu in MMA Highlight”
  1. BDRioga says:

    00:55 nice transition, 2:45 amazing flying knee lock! THAT WAS PAINFUL! O_O!

  2. SIRpierre says:

    name of the song?

  3. TheMMAHLcom says:

    hey this is a pretty sick highlight.theres this awsome website themmahl,com that has TONS of highlights..
    you should all check it out. themmahl,com

  4. kokyjabn says:

    @d6forze read wikipedia, judo has lots of chokes and joins.

  5. adrianodemori says:

    ararara bjj the best in mma ufc pride quando a luta vai pro chão o bjj domina mesmo e ñ tem pra ninguem rsrsrsrs

  6. MitaniSC says:

    @MitaniSC I saw the song Bent -? Kisses

  7. MitaniSC says:

    Guys the song is awesome can you tell me the name of it ?

  8. waldomarek says:

    wow.. last fight was great… beautiful transitions there, nice clip btw, show us more if you got time!

  9. 1SuicideMelody says:


  10. d6forze says:

    how much submissions are there in judo?
    just wondering?

  11. kneckebenkross says:

    Hamoom very good job bro, love this HL, correct choice of music to =)

  12. kneckebenkross says:

    @pinatyanay haha damn, like a boomerang, gotta hurt

  13. yun131 says:

    awesome music

  14. PizzaHero92 says:

    the last fight was awesome.

  15. ChukoLiang says:

    (Ich) träumte so gerne von den Freuden der Welt
    Ich hatte? manches Schöne mir vorgestellt
    Und dann kam ein Tag und den vergesse ich nie
    Viel schöner als meine Phantasie
    Ooh, ooh, Küsse süßer als Wein
    I dreamed so happily about the joys of the world
    I had met a beautiful one
    And then came one day that I’ll never forget
    Much more beautiful than my fantasy
    Ooh, ooh, kisses sweeter than wine

  16. pinatyanay says:

    DAAMN, pause at exactly in 3:41…

  17. pinatyanay says:

    thnx man

  18. Necromax3 says:

    @pinatyanay it originated in japan but most of what is used in MMA is called “Brazilian Jiu Jitsu”

  19. GorodGrozny says:

    this clip made by chechen brother =)
    respect Jiu Jitsu !

  20. Victorgutten1 says:

    @tom20lad Bent – Kisses

  21. tom20lad says:

    can anyone tell me what the song is or even the band?

  22. pinatyanay says:

    thought the song was japanese, but its german, pretty cool, sounds relaxing while u watching bones break

  23. pinatyanay says:

    @kloud51 thanks for the info dude…

  24. catman1233 says:

    jui jitsu has the wierdest fucking grabs ive seen…lmao… i love jui jitsu and i wanna take it :)

  25. Pero9900 says:

    jiu jitsu vs kung fu = fail :D