Jennifer Connelly Talks About MMA

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Jimmy Kimmel Live – The first part of Jimmy’s interview with Jennifer Connelly, who talks about recently discovering her affinity for violence


25 Responses to “Jennifer Connelly Talks About MMA”
  1. ac130pilot says:

    @ziviliukas33 is ur name stephanie? lol

  2. ac130pilot says:

    those sad amazing eyes! outrageous!!!!!

  3. 13charachters says:

    I bet she gives it to her husband hard when that ruthless ninja comes out in the bedroom

  4. PanthereMauV says:

    She’s so gorgeous I could actually turn a lesbian for her :p

  5. readygo242 says:

    OK, I feel in love with her….again. I’m only 20 too.

  6. jhohnpaul says:

    shes like 20 yrs older than me i still want to fuk her… damn

  7. CleverDjembe says:



    !!!! ;p

  8. mrPabloav says:

    ohh shit that is the most beautifull women i ever seen before

    i think i in love :)

  9. Tehui1974 says:

    I would really like to stick my penis insider Jennifer Connelly’s vagina, if you know what I mean

  10. ziviliukas33 says:

    Ive only came to check this video of her, because i didnt know what she looked like, as almost hundred people now have told me that i look alot like her and im the same height….You know what shes probably my missing identical (a lot older) twin. Aanyway after saying that i think she is therefore hot ;D

  11. Moredhel1983 says:


  12. betooo90 says:

    she is so beautiful

  13. pervert2099 says:

    This is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen her.

  14. gatorvalle says:

    she has no idea of what she’s talking about…..neither does connelly

  15. murray1234567891011 says:

    @deeeznuts00 haahaa grow up you ignoramus

  16. murray1234567891011 says:

    @RussX5Z I mute the sound and put the window down as I refuse to be subjected to advertisement any more than I need to

  17. ForgottenCavalry says:

    fucking advertisements

  18. RussX5Z says:

    Fuck the stupid phone advertisement. Who gives a fuck?!

  19. ALYSSAVALOx says:

    god, jennifer connelly is so hot.

  20. TheIjames says:

    @ilovepanslabyrinth I was born in america but im definately a kiwi. Cant say i like american accents very much. but actors tend to have various accents blended together after taking lessons for whatever movies they do. But Jen has always been gorgeous to me, no matter what her voice has sounded like.

  21. deeeznuts00 says:


  22. babylonjunglist says:

    I’d put my “rubber guard” on her

  23. word636 says:

    good chick

  24. MegaHelloutube says:

    search: “sparring moments” good stuff..

  25. Gripmaster3000 says:

    no she wouldent, shed be a whore with a broken pussy and walking jizzbomb. Nasty women.. no such thing as a female porn star just whores.