Frank Shamrock MMA Training

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Frank Shamrock’s Training Routine for MMA: kettlebells , swimming, stability ball.


25 Responses to “Frank Shamrock MMA Training”
  1. KatjaKate1 says:

    Anybody know Where can i buy the t-shirt he is wering

  2. gralhasam says:

    Does he still fighting and how could someone fight him?

  3. assyrianeagel123 says:

    who really sings this song?? i don’t think its Linkin Park!

  4. Dorya9 says:

    @cmaldonado8 Shootfighting, basically a mixture of submission wrestling and kickboxing.

  5. headbull2009 says:

    @tsopranos if diaz fought frank in his prime, shamrock would win everytime. Placing diaz in franks catergory is like saying george foreman was as great as Ali dude.

  6. crywolves says:

    still got man handled by Bas Rutten..

  7. cmaldonado8 says:

    @icharuswing i want to start training in catch wrestling and pankration

  8. icharuswing says:

    wrestling and catch wrestling/jui jitsu i think

  9. bloodalvarez says:


  10. scarce3370 says:


  11. pandepande89 says:

    track name?
    nice training btw

  12. cmaldonado8 says:

    What did the shamrock family specialize in?

  13. pussygod69 says:

    @GOPaul2 for balance

  14. pussygod69 says:

    @juanuqz9292 no, exercise

  15. tsopranos says:

    Nice training video… but Diaz whooped his ass. I’d like to see Diaz’s training vid…smoking blunts and shadow boxing! Yayahh. Props to Michael Phelps & Ricky Williams while we’re on the subject.

  16. DjEyesOpen says:


    lol …. you’re probably right =)

  17. TKO2121 says:

    @DjEyesOpen he prolly will be after UFC buys out Strike Farce EVENTUALLY

  18. HollywoodKendrick says:

    i can beat Frank Shamrock. He’s a coward. Whether it’s on X-Box or PS3 he will get his ass kicked.

  19. Fupper16 says:

    0:07 he says,”I wanna be the best.”
    I can lip read

  20. madmonk6969 says:

    @Soilworker091 To get your body down to that % of body fat, its all diet. Watch the sugar, when you eat your carbs, and how often you eat. Looking good should be a bi-product of your training and diet. Save yourself 50 bucks from a protein shake and eat some red meat. It tastes better, better for you and wont give you the shits after a workout haha However, if looking good is numero uno, bodybuilding is a wonderful sport.

  21. Soilworker091 says:

    I don’t mean to sound lame Im get your body to look like that do you have to take suppliments? I also like to drink,should I stop? Im highly concidering goin into mma!

  22. JoeGotchaHnF says:

    great highlights of his training! i got some training and fitness vids that would be great for mma on my channel if anyones interested in checkin it out!

  23. JoeyFudd says:

    Frank has a ball! Who thinks Roy Nelson can’t do that? Just get a tougher ball.

  24. danishciro says:

    this type of training is great…looks like a clanking fire lurching flames…tooo good!

  25. vhira says:

    @JohnKreeseCobraKai Why?