The Way In Which Frank Mir Defeated Antonio “Minotauro” Nogueira

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Frank Mir used superior boxing to defeat Antonio Nogeuira (although Minotauro has excellent boxing skills himself). The punch that made it all potential is an uppercut/jab. It’s a strike that is not really taught in any blended martial arts gymnasium because it is a complicated boxing move. It worked nicely in this battle, as a result of it is neither a jab nor an uppercut, however has the speed of a jab and the ability to split a block like an uppercut.

Of the three occasions that Nogeuira was knocked down, at the least 2 of them were achieved after Mir by means of the uppercut jab. This is because of the immense speed of the punch, plus the curious capability of this punch to not commit weight. That is advantageous as a result of Mir was able to preserve his feet transferring and not get right into a buying and selling battle with Nogeuira. A combat he probably would have lost due to Minotauro’s capability to take a punch and hold going.

So where do you be taught this essential ability, find yourself a good boxing coach. Many boxing coaches teach boxing, however not at the degree the place you will find this strike included. Or if you do not have a coach, it’s at all times a good idea to train it yourself, and it work it in (slowly) into your sparring sessions. It’s best to use the technique sparingly in place of your jab. This manner you are not going to get your butt kicked whilst you insert it into your arsenal. Then you should follow utilizing the punch while moving, this can be a major advantage to this punch, it is best to by no means be dedicated to this punch till you already know you can get this punch off effectively. Put it aside for surprise attacks (like Nogeuira’s shock when it was thrown in opposition to him, during a mix, or as a part of a progressive indirect assault (a Jeet Kune Do idea). If you are able to do this, you can see that you can do issues to opponents that they won’t see coming.

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