Is Kettler a Good Brand for In-Home Rowers?

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Kettler from Germany has long been producing precision-engineered bikes and workout equipment and now carry the compact Kettler Kadett Rowing Machine. This system has received great consumer reviews for a plethora of reasons and for the price, you can’t beat the options.

One of the favorite advantages for consumers for this rowing machine is the fact that it can be folded up into a small space, giving apartment dwellers the chance to put the rowing machine in the closet. While its small size is a favorite feature, it’s also appreciated for its light weight that nearly any consumer can manage. Very few rowing machines today can give you this slim design as well as all the other great advantages of the Kadett.

Others enjoy the Kadett rower because of the variety, and the level of ease with which the resistance can be either decreased or increased with only the twist of a dial. The dial is within easy reach and is simple to manage, and this machine will work for the tallest of users as well as the smallest. A total workout can be made using the dial to alter the resistance; this allows the user to recover before the next tough pull.

The resistance on the Kadett can be altered to fit just about anyone’s workout with numbers one through twelve from two hydraulic cylinders. Just like all Kettler products, it features an easily read display that informs you via computer of your heart rate, pulse, number of strokes, distance, speed, and, of course, the amount of time. The majority of people really like having a very smooth ride, and, although most consumers don’t have anything bad to say, it has been discovered that the oil-filled cylinders heat up within the first ten minutes, which increases the resistance even if you continue with the same workout.

Exercise fans also like the precision engineering, smooth pull, and the fact that it all can be purchased at an affordable price when held up against other workout equipment and rowers with similar options. The Kettler Kadett gives buyers the opportunity to purchase a compact rower with all the features of the big ones.

The cool thing with is that the Kadett rowing machine also offers a warranty, just like all of their items, meaning all Kettler equipment and bicycles. Their precision engineering allows you to own a piece of equipment that will not suffer mechanical failure; this allows the consumer a relaxing workout.

The Kettler Kadett rowing machine is well recommended for the beginner to intermediate exercise equipment user, and if space is at a premium, it will work for even the advanced user. When it’s time to find a rowing machine, make sure to investigate all of Kettler’s workout equipment and then look at the compact, lightweight Kettler Kadett compact rowing machine that works well for all users, from the tallest to the shortest and the beginner through advanced.


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