The Reasons You Need a Fitness Program

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Have you been toying with the idea of joining a workout program in order to get fit? This is undoubtedly a good concept especially in case you have put on lots of weight lately as a result of a sedentary way of life, health reasons or bad food habits. Slimming down and getting fit will help you feel and look better and you’ll have the ability to appreciate life a lot better than before. Should you have always had problems exercising then you ought to perhaps consider joining a personal training program offered by Group Fitness Melbourne.

You’ll undoubtedly have to shell out additional money in order to join a personal training program but the esults are usually much better than any other method of getting fit. This isn’t an effortless task at the most of times, and it is made even a lot more hard if you’re quite unfit. A personal trainer will ensure that you do all of the exercises that can support you enhance your fitness levels. The trainer will ensure that you remain motivated and won’t permit you to slacken your pace. Individuals who’ve tried and failed to shed weight many times will understand the significance of this service.

The other advantage of joining a personal training program is that the trainer will likely be able to tailor-make the exercise schedule to suit your requirements. The trainer will give you the correct exercises that will assist develop particular body parts while giving you overall physical fitness. You will find particular exercises which will assist you lose weight while a totally different set of exercises are essential to tone your body. If you are obese, you will achieve the most success in the event you combine a cardio routine with muscle building exercises that tone your body well. The personal trainer will make sure that you do these exercises in the correct proportion.

A personal trainer will also guide you through the exercises to ensure that you do them correctly and in the proper sequence. For instance, exercises such as stomach crunches are effective at toning your body only if they are done correctly. You can injure your back or neck in case you do these exercises in the wrong manner.

You’ll find specific to be many personal training programs obtainable near you. Selecting the best one is important to ensuring that you’re effective in reducing your weight. You could join a program in a gym or as is becoming increasingly popular, join an outdoor fitness program. There is growing demand for outdoor fitness programs because many people do not like the constrained feeling of working out in a gym and prefer to exercise in natural surroundings instead.

Most people who’ve signed up for personal training programs are extremely happy with the results since they’re unable to obtain these results on their own. You too will realize that the cash you spend on this program is worth your while because you will accomplish your fitness and weight loss goals within the shortest amount of time with out compromising on your health.


Are you sick of being unfit?

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A Must Win Mindset in Jiu jitsu Can be Detrimental!

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Many new competitors in Brazilian jiu jitsu feel like they should fight to win. Long term it can be detrimental to feel like you must always win.  In general life people are very competitive with one another and feel the need to either win or do better than others. This feeling that we should “always do our very best and try our hardest” is taught to us our whole lives and some how gets transformed into “get out there and win”.

At  Bowie Jiu Jitsu we believe that there is nothing wrong with being competitive, but practitioners need to understand that winning isn’t everything and they should compete for other reasons. Competing is good and is very important if you serious about jiu jitsu.  It plays a key role in the learning process because a loss can teach you so much about how you are progressing. You will be able to see what your good at, what you need to work on and then correct it.  

My Bowie Jiu Jitsu instructor says that competing should be because you love jiu jitsu and you want to see yourself get better, not because you want to boost your ego and show off medals. Fighting will help you progress down the road to reach your ultimate goal. Competitions should serve as baby steps for you to reach your goals. Having a competitive nature is not wrong. It is good to want to win. However, winning should not be the only reason you fight.  You should fight for your love of jiu jitsu and because you enjoy the sport.

 All of the training and getting to go to the competition to try out everything you have been working on should be your motivation.  When you’re in a competition and you pull off a really cool move, you should be excited for yourself and feel enjoyment. If you lose and you get choked out, you should realize there are two sides to competing and pin point what you need to work on when you get back to training. At Bowie BJJ we learn that Jiu jitsu is a process in which you will win and lose. Your reason for competing shouldn’t be to win, let the love for the sport drive you.

Frank Shamrock MMA Training

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Frank Shamrock’s Training Routine for MMA: kettlebells , swimming, stability ball.

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How to Get Quality MMA Training From a Mixed Martial Arts School

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Interested in MMA Training from a mixed martial arts school? Learn about what to look for in deciding on where and how to get Mixed Martial Arts training that is both affordable and high quality.

MMA also known as “Mixed Martial Arts” is like the name suggests, a combination of various martial arts. MMA Training has become very popular in today’s fighting techniques. More and more people are becoming interested in the idea of mixed martial arts. But how does one decipher the difference between a good or “not so good” MMA school? Below are tips for finding a top-rated MMA training school and how to get the best results doing so.

1. First and foremost, do a search engine search to find the best schools in your area. For example you could search for ” MMA Training Portland Oregon ” or ” Portland Oregon Mixed Martial Arts Schools ” if you lived in the Portland Oregon area. This can help you narrow down atleast who is online. Check out the reviews and press releases on the various schools available online.

2. Secondly, most MMA training schools have a “about the instructor” page. When looking at this page, determine whether or not you feel that this instructor has been in martial arts long enough to know what he or she is doing and make a decision there. You may want to add these different websites to your favorites for future reference. Completely go through their website and get a feel for what they are really about and what kind of services they offer and what kind of prices they have. Does their website have a “contact us” page? Set up a list of questions and contact the instructor so he or she can answer any questions you may have concerning their school.

3. Do they offer variety and a well-balanced training schedule? Look for the various qualities you would like to have in a Mixed Martial Arts School and how they can apply to you. Consider calling the instructor to get a feel for whether or not the classes are right for you.

4. Contact or no contact? If you are interested in no, medium, or high level of contact in traing, this is an extremely important question to ask before getting involved.

5. Consider what sort of fitness training is going to be provided. Can the classes offer to a wide variety of fitness levels? Do they offere a variety of classes and or “focuses” in their training schedule?

6. If nothing else, try a MMA training school out for a month or two. If it doesn’t suite you, then you can always go somewhere else. Sometimes it takes time to learn whether or not a school and its instructors are a good match for you. So keep this in mind that sometimes you have to “taste test” to really get a feel for what you want in a mixed martial arts school.

These steps can help you indentify and narrow down your search for a quality Mixed Martial Arts School and to help you get the best MMA training available in your local area.

For a great Portland Oregon MMA Training School visit – If not from the Portland Oregon area they also offer great MMA Training guides on their website.

My Journey Into Mixed Martial Arts Training

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Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts is both a mentally and physically demaning sport. mma puts great strain on the athlete which requires the fighter to be fit and healthly. Being a mixed martial arts fighter requires expolsive power, stamina and cardiovascular training. The training involved within mma is often tough and physically demaning, and having to follow a strict diet can be often challenging for the aspiring mixed martial arts practitioner.

Having to attend mma training sessions throughout the week, keep appointments with the gym, eat correctly, fit in home based exercise sessions, requires dedication and relentless self- discipline. But the rewards gained from this self-discipline and dedication, makes the mixed martial arts fighter a superior individual.

As a Prison Officer and keen mixed martial arts trainee, I find keeping the training and home life balance difficult. It is my intention to briefly explain how I keep my Mixed Martial Arts training, and all important home-life running smoothly.

Firstly I would like to explain more about myself. As I stated I am a Prison Officer working in one of HM Prisons. The job can be often dangerous and having to deal with volatile and potentially violent situations is an often occurrence. I’ve been threatend, assaulted, spat at etc etc. Anyway, people ask me why I do the job. I ask myself the same question, and my answer is still the same “I dont know” Enough of that for now. Well, I’m married and have a great son. We all live quite happily together wich is a rare case in today’s society.

As a keen mixed martial arts practitioner, I find it quite difficult to fit in training sessions with the job and family life. I’ve been interested in martial arts for most of my life and have only really got into mixed martial arts quite recently, after a little health scare.

I was smoking and drinking quite heavily for the last three years and gave up all my fitness and martial arts training. I was 2st overweight and felt sluggish all the time. I would get up at 5.00am for work with a hangover and a stinking headache, everyday.

I decided enough was enough and I gave up smoking and drinking in one hard swoop. After much tought and deliberation, I began to put a training package together. It would involve me running and cycling to work, circuit training and walking. With this simple exercise programme I lost 1st in a month which put me on the road to mixed martial arts. I’ll explain more about my journey into fitness and mixed martial arts in my next article.

I run Bulldog Mixed Martial Arts a website offering MMA fans news, article and up-to-date information on Mixed Martial Arts.

Mixed Martial Arts Fighting, Brazillian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai Fighting – Training Tips for Repetition Drilling of Techniques

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When first learning a new mixed martial arts fighting technique whether at the fundamental level or the more advanced it is important that we chunk it down into smaller, easily learned units. Once easily assimilated chunks are obtained these must be practiced with repetition to learn them. However, just repeating them over and over again in a session has its limitations.

Studies on a simple nervous system have shown that any more than 10 repetitions of a task in a session does not result in any increase to retention, in addition, performing only one session of learning a new piece of material results in very little retention over a long period as those of you who have been involved in training for serious mixed martial arts fighting are well aware.

The most useful method of repetition drilling to gain the most effective retention is to spread the repetitions over a number of sessions.

A method that has shown a great deal of effect is to carry out 7 to 10 repetitions of a particular technique in a training session. And then carry out at least nine repeat review sessions over several days or weeks. The first repeat session can be within the same session. I would suggest near the end of the session. The following one a day after, then a week etc. The closer the review sessions are together the quicker the optimal retention is obtained.

Another common problem, that many of us experience in mixed martial arts fighting and Muay Thai Fighting, is that of boredom when training the number of repetitions required for drilling the techniques adequately. This is detrimental to retention as the learning process is seriously impaired when we are not concentrating.

Disguising the repetitions in drills, combinations and games that utilize the particular skill involved is a very practical way that will assist you to get around this problem and allow you to increase the versatility of game by drilling the techniques with different set ups, combinations or counters being used against them.

Another more fundamental strategy that I use, particularly in working through my Muay Thai Fighting, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts Fighting techniques, is to repetition the techniques as many times as I can until boredom is noticed, recording the number of repetitions performed in my training diary and then repeating the process in another training session. When using this strategy just develop a determined discipline to complete a predetermined number of repetitions. I would suggest a minimum of 60 spread over a 2 year period for maximum retention.

Bear in mind that this is for the learning and retention of a new technique, not the optimal refinement of it for the highest level of effectiveness that may be required for the rigors of competition in both mixed martial arts fighting and Muay Thai Fighting. This requires the development and sharpening of the various attributes required for optimal performance of the technique, such as: speed, timing, flow, balance, connectivity to the next move, variation adjustment, corrections in balance, preparedness for reaction to the opponent’s movement, etc.

Taking your mixed martial arts fighting skill to this level requires many more repetitions and exposing the performance of the technique to increasing levels of risk through controlled and on to random sparring.

To ensure the best learning of the technique start by learning and drilling the technique under totally cooperative conditions to get it right, this is the

retention period discussed above.

Once a good level of efficacy is obtained, then try to use the technique in controlled sparring conditions or controlled performance drills in which your training partner presents moderate problems to deal with. As your efficacy increases start to utilize it in your sparring, at first against less experienced opponents working up to opponents of higher levels.

Using this strategy for developing and drilling your techniques will not only enhance your game but also make repetition drilling far more enjoyable when training for mixed martial arts fighting..

Dr Geoff Aitken, Ph.D. is a coach of Mixed Martial Arts Fighting, Muay Thai Fighting and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a former kick boxing champion with over 34 years of experience in mixed martial arts and 15 years as a bouncer. He holds a 6th degree Black Belt in Freestyle Karate (Goju Kai derivative), a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, certified trainer, referee and judge in Muay Thai Fighting and has trained numerous national and international champions in Muay Thai Fighting, BJJ and Mixed Martial Arts. He has just released a DVD series packed full of concepts and techniques for set ups and Bridging the Gap in Muay Thai Fighting, Mixed Martial Arts fighting and the street self defense situation. Grab your free video and audio clips on Mixed Martial Arts Fighting at

Training for Warriors: The Ultimate Mixed Martial Arts Workout

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Training for Warriors: The Ultimate Mixed Martial Arts Workout

UFC training glove red/ black size s/m

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