pro wrestling moves done mma style

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pro wrestling moves done mma style for more mma junk:

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Mixed Martial Arts Stand-Up Style

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Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a full, contact sport which includes techniques such as striking and grappling. This sport can serve as a workout that helps improve many different areas of your body. There are different styles in mixed martial arts and the stand-up style helps improve your punching, kicking, elbowing, kneeing and footwork techniques.


A strike is an attack with a part of your body or with an object such as a weapon. Punches, kicks and headbutts are all forms of strikes. Although, headbutts are prohibited in many MMA organizations because of the amount of harm it can cause a person. Your back, hips, forearms, shoulders, wrists and fingertips can also be used for striking in some martial arts. Judo and wrestling are sports that do not employ striking.


Grappling is controlling an opponent without the use of striking. You would use gripping and handling in order to control your opponent. There are various hold attempts such as grappling holds and choke holds.


There are various nicknames for the different styles of mixed martial arts. The sprawl-and-brawl is a stand-up fighting method that focuses on striking and avoids ground fighting. Ground fighting is when both combatants are on the ground in hand-to-hand combat. In a sprawl-and-brawl, combatants use sprawls to defend against takedowns. The sprawl is executed by scooting your legs backwards in order to land on the upper back of your opponent undertaking the takedown. A takedown is a term used in combat sports and martial arts for a technique that off-balances your opponent and brings him or her to the ground. In a takedown, you should be the one that lands on top.

Sprawl-and-brawlers are usually boxers, kickboxers, Thai boxers and full-contact karate fighters. They are trained in wrestling and try to avoid takedowns and keep the fight standing. This style is very different from regular kickboxing styles. The sprawl-and-brawler must adjust his or her techniques to incorporate ground fighting and takedown defense.

Stand-Up Grappling (Clinching)

In stand-up grappling, two combatants start fighting from a stand-up position. The aim and purpose of this style varies depending on the combat sport or martial art you want to do. Stand-up grappling can be offensive such as it is in wrestling or Judo, but it can also be defensive as it is in Aikido.

Stand-up grappling revolves around throws and takedowns. A throw is another martial arts term for grappling where you cause your opponent to be off-balance or you lift your opponent up and toss him or her to the ground. In some sports, the fight is over once the combatant has fallen down.

For MMA, some fighters train in multiple styles with multiple coaches or train in teams. Some important parts of an MMA fighter’s training include flexibility, speed drills, strength training and energy system training.

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