MMA Ultimate Set: Anderson Silva Fighter Impersonations (Kimbo, Machida, Liddell, Couture, etc)

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Visit for more info. This is one of over a dozen hilarious bonus feature outtakes from Anderson Silva’s DVD shoot. Direction, Videography, Editing, Music, Design, and Production by Brian Rule http Presented by Victory Belt

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MMA Fighter Mayhem Miller flips out on EA Sports MMA programmers

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visit to see the whole day! —– Join MTV’s Jason MIller does not agree with how the EA Staff programmed his fighters skills for EA Sports MMA video game!

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Who is the Best Welterweight Fighter in the Ufc?

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While the UFC has certainly upped it’s talent pool with the addition of many fighters from the Pride Fighting Championships, the UFC welterweight division has always been deep in talent.

In fact, our top two fighters each hold wins over each other and our #3 fighter holds the title. Hold on for a bumpy ride as I try to justify my top five UFC welterweight rankings.

5. Jon Fitch is #5 on my top UFC welterweight list. While the UFC marketing machine has been busy promoting Diego Sanchez and Josh Koscheck, Jon Fitch has been slowly building what is the best record in the welterweight division. In fact, Fitch has not been defeated since 2002. He’s beaten Luigi Fioravanti, Thiago Alves, Josh Burkman, Jeff Joslin and Shonie Carter on route to his current thirteen fight winner streak. Unfortunately Fitch has yet to fight any of the fighters in our top 4, something that will be corrected at UFC 76 when he meets our #4 fighter, Diego Sanchez.

4. Diego Sanchez has a near perfect mixed martial arts record. He’s gone 20 wins with only one defeat. That defeat came at the hands of Josh Koscheck at UFC 69. Diego was going through some health problems at the time, it turned out to be a staph infection in his leg, and probably didn’t fight up to his potential. Wins over Nick Diaz, Karo Parisyan, Joe Riggs and Kenny Florian put Diego up near the big boys in the 170lb weight class.

3. Matt Serra is the current UFC welterweight kingpin. He earned his crown by defeating Georges St Pierre at UFC 69. He not only defeated Georges St Pierre, but humiliated him with a first round knockout. This is the first time that Serra has shown really aggressive, effective striking in the Octagon; I hope it continues. One thing Serra has shown is brilliant Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He’s used those skills in wins over Chris Lytle, Yves Edwards and near decision losses to “The Prodigy”, BJ Penn and Din Thomas.

2. Matt Hughes is the former UFC welterweight champion. He lost his belt to Georges St Pierre, but not before he had a chance to build up wins over Goerges St Piere, Sean Sherk, Frank Trigg, BJ Penn, Carlos Newton and another MMA legend you may have heard of, Royce Gracie.

1. Georges St Pierre has lost to both the #2 and #3 ranked fighters on this list, so how can I justify ranking Georges #1? Call it gut feeling, call it favoritism, I don’t know but what I do know is that Georges St Pierre is the best welterweight fighter in the UFC. Georges does not only have wins over Frank Trigg and Sean Sherk, but dominant, one sided wins. While Matt Hughes struggled with these guys early, Georges just steam rolled them. The same can be said of his second fight with Hughes where St Pierre’s striking and take down defense made it a one sided match up. St Pierre has also defeated BJ Penn, in a close decision, Karo Parisyan and most recently Georges surprised the MMA community by out wrestling Josh Koscheck on way to a decisive victory. Georges is back on track and ready to face the winner of Hughes vs Serra.

Matt Hughes and Matt Serra will fight following the conclusion of the Ultimate Fighter “Team Hughes vs Team Serra” reality show. I believe that Georges St Pierre will face the winner of that fight. The truth is, with a talent pool as deep as the UFC welterweight division any one of the top 6 or 7 fighters in the division (add in Karo and Josh) could beat any other one on any given night. That makes every fight in this division exciting!

Jon is the editor and main contributer at UFC Results, a martial arts fan site and a great place to find UFC Results also, try North Pole Christmas for Christmas gift ideas, Christmas wallpaper and recipes.

Toronto Mixed Martial Arts Clothing Company Sponsors Female Mma Fighter Liz Posener

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December 17, 2006

Press Release – Toronto Ontario – Mixed Martial Arts clothing company Submit Gear Inc is proud to announce their sponsorship of Canadian mixed martial arts fighter Liz Posener.

Liz is a 31 year old mother of two, who studies Pankration and Muay Thai kickboxing at the Kel Lee’s Academy of Martial Arts in Vancouver, BC, owned by her husband Simon. She entered the mixed martial arts scene five years ago, but her love for the sport began at a young age.

Her first exposure to contact fighting was watching boxing with her father. From there, her interests expanded onto grappling and other contact sports.

In the Posener household, martial arts is truly a way of life. Liz is married to a former PNW Pro Pankration Champion, and North American Pro Muay Thai Champion. Their 10 year-old daughter Lydia is not only her biggest fan, but she also trains and competes in kick boxing herself.

Like other practitioners of the sport, Elizabeth had to deal with stereotypes and misconceptions from day one.

“When I talk to other parents they’re usually surprised that a mother of two does this kind of thing, but that comes from people not knowing enough about what mixed martial artists do”, Posener said. “ It’s not just two people beating each other in a cage.”

Today, Elizabeth is one of the few female MMA fighters in Canada and has achieved several sponsors in her support. “She is without a doubt making her mark in the MMA world” says urban fight apparel company ( owner Mark Chiappino.

She was the first female fighter to compete in both the “Elite Fighting Championships” and the “Real Fighting Championships”. Her current MMA record is 3-1-0, all wins by TKO.

Elizabeth will be fighting in Florida’s first women’s MMA title fight on December 22, 2006 for the UFC (Unified Cage Fights) bantamweight mma title. Following that event, will be another title fight in the “Gladiators Challenge” on January 26th, 2007.

Who says women can’t fight?

About Submit Gear

Submit Gear is a Toronto-based on-line company specializing in Urban Mixed Martial Arts fight apparel. Through our products and sponsorship programs, we are proud to support the best sport in the world, and more importantly, the martial artists who make it all happen.

Submit Gear Inc.

PO Box 80023

Toronto, Ontario

M8V 4A1


Ufc: Presents Ultimate Fighter 1: Uncut Untamed

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Sixteen of the best unsigned mixed martial artists compete for the ultimate prize – a six-figure contract with the Ultimate Fighting Championship organization. During the show, the competitors will take their training to a highe… More >>

Ufc: Presents Ultimate Fighter 1: Uncut Untamed