Ultimate Warrior Workouts : Fitness Secrets of the Martial Arts

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Are You Ready to Take The Warrior Challenge? World-renowned fitness coach Martin Rooney will take you where no warrior has gone before. On an epic international quest, Rooney traveled to top-fight destinations around … More >>

Ultimate Warrior Workouts : Fitness Secrets of the Martial Arts


5 Responses to “Ultimate Warrior Workouts : Fitness Secrets of the Martial Arts”
  1. Wow!!!!!!!! This book is intense……coming from a professional fighter and instructor.I highly recommened this book to anybody involved in mixed martial arts or fitness. This book is on a whole new level. Its loaded with body and free weight exercises along with nutritional plans and history from some of mma’s greatest schools. Being around the fitness game for so long I cant get over all the new things I have learned from just flipping through the page’s. GRAB YOUR COPY NOW!!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. I will say right off the bat that for $20 this book is worth every penny. I have bought numerous books for 2-3 times that amount that don’t contain nearly the same amount of content as this book. Right off the bat I was thoroughly impressed by the appearance of this book as soon as I opened it. The photos are incredible. Each section contains exercises specific to each martial art. Each exercise has a photo of someone demonstrating proper form, and a full description of each exercise. The workouts inside the book are appealing because they don’t require a lot of equipment and each chapter has a “Warrior Challenge” along with a ranking for each challenge so you can assess your fitness level. Being an avid MMA fan and active martial artist myself I am always looking for workouts that will challenge me, but are specific to my sport. I have 2 other books by this author and once again this book does not dissapoint. I also like the fact that the author isn’t just another “fitness guru”. He is an active martial artist who traveled the world and trained in some of the top fight centers for each martial art. The champions he has coached and trained over the past decade is proof that his methods work. I highly recommend this book!!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. J. Valentine says:

    As far as physical preperation for combat sports goes Martin Rooney is the bar and he continues to raise further and further every single day. I dove head first into the book and the first thing I had to say I really liked was the locations he used to film the workouts. I’ve been the Gracie Barra and Gordo’s academy in Rio and it brought some great memories of tough training and amazing techniques. The next thing I really enjoyed the nutrition section. Not to say the last book didn’t have a great nutrition section. This book however filled in some of gaps of the last book. Personally I just changed the way I ate right away and ate what was on the menu but now I know why I’m eating the things I’m eating. Besides the obvious those were the best things to me
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. N. Valente says:

    i picked this up for my husband since he’s always looking for new workouts, and the martial arts angle seemed like it would add a different level of both physical and mental intensity. And of course i couldn’t help but look through it myself! Understanding the philosophy of the arts was an added benefit to preparing for the workouts, which are . . . wow . . . challenging. The organization of the book makes it easy to follow each workout, and color pictures of each sequence of each exercise make this very user friendly.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. Ok, so I saw the book in the library and thumbed through it and was immediatly impressed by the pics and sections on each martial art.

    The problem is there is no specific plan for each. Yes, he has a workout at the end which uses exercises from the whole book but if you dont want to add certain exercises or are training only in a specific area you are out of luck.

    For example: If I am doing stand up training how many ab exercises does he recommend? I figured that somewhere in the book he would have say a Jiu Jitsu workout or a Muay Thai training regiment since he went to Thailand and took all those good pics. But alas he seems to be more interested in his total body workout regime which is fine but I wanted something more.

    So I guess if you are a fighter arleady and looking for some different exercises this is a good pick up, but if you want some more guidance then I would definatly look at it at the book store before purchasing.
    Rating: 3 / 5