UFC: Best of UFC 2009

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2009 was a huge year for the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and you can re-live every great moment, knockout, submission and fight with the UFC: Best of 2009 DVD. All the superstars are featured in their most spectacula… More >>

UFC: Best of UFC 2009


5 Responses to “UFC: Best of UFC 2009”
  1. D. Lee says:

    I’ve been following the UFC since about 2006 and I’ve bought best of 2007 and 2008. The first thing that sticks out in “Best of 2009″ is the bonus fights. They are accessed when pressing ENTER when a blue dot appears on the screen. Personally, it would be easier if they just included all the fights without requiring this action, and people could just fast forward through the fights they don’t want to see.

    In case you were wondering, this is what full fights are on Disc 1: Hughes v. Serra, Condit v. Ellenberger, Marquardt v. Maia, Franklin v. Belfort, Quarry v. Credeur, Silva v. Griffin, Evans v. Machida, Liddell v. Rua, and Jardine v. Silva. The bonus full fights are GSP v. Penn, Swick v. Hardy, Akiyama v. Belcher, Machida v. Silva, Nogueira v. Cane, and Bonnar v. Jones.

    On Disc 2: Main full fights are Snachez v. Guida, Couture v. Nogueira, and Lesnar v. Mir. The bonus full fights are Griffin v. Franca, Diaz v. Guillard, Sherk v. Edgar, Stevenson v. Diaz, Penn v. Florian, Carwin v. Gonzaga, Velasquez v. Congo, and CroCop v. Dos Santos.

    Overall, a very good product that has tons of great fights of the price.

    Flaws? They missed some really big fights and replaced them with some questionable ones. What about Franklin v. Silva? Or Henderson v. Bisping? Now its obvious why Dan Henderson isn’t even mentioned in the Blu Ray – he is no longer under contract and Dana White is clearly one who likes to hold a grudge. Second, it would have been nice to hear some of the post fight interviews.

    Overall, still an excellent buy. Even with the awkward interface, it is a great deal.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. First of all, this UFC Best of 2009 DVD is a great buy. Many great fights of many great fighters but…. Best of 2007 and Best of 2008 is way better, why? in this 2009, they talk a lot more in Ultimate Fighting Reality Show andand the journey of some fighters. At 2007, just packed with all the greatest fights of 2007, 2008? starting got some story about fighters’s journey etc. But now, adding the Ultimate Fighter Show?? may be not too bad if they pick the right fights, some not to great or “best” of 2009, that could be replaced with a really great fights are:


    2) Marquardt-Maia

    3) Franklin-Belfort

    4) Quarry-Credeur

    they could have been :

    1) Franklin-Silva

    2) Machida-Rua

    3) St. Pierre-Alves

    4) Henderson-Bisping

    5) Henderson-Franklin

    6) Griffin-Ortiz II

    but still, it’s a great buy just like I said earlier, just a bit dissapointed with all the fights reverse above, and they still wasting time with all the UFS. The other weird thing is that they put some fights at the bonus features?? why? well, they know better, I assume.

    Hopefully the Best of 2010 will be better and UFC Best DVD series will get their grip again.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  3. Delaroque says:

    good blu ray,good picture quality but I hope more ufc events in blu ray format because the dvd’s are poor quality.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  4. Cody Price says:

    2009 was an awesome year for MMA, and this DVD is a must-have. I purchased nearly all the fights on pay-per-view, but it’s amazing what you miss. Already looking forward to the 2010 version–loved UFC 107 and UFC 111.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. Ragging bull says:

    Very few quality fights on this DVD, don’t waste your time or money on this DVD. I liked the best of 2008 and 2007 UFC. But they really cut back on championship fights and quality of fights. This is my first time righting opinion on any product on amazon.com but I felt so mad for wasting My money on this product I had do something.
    Rating: 1 / 5