UFC 110: Nogueira v. Velasquez

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The Ultimate Fighting Championship takes Australia by storm for the first time and fans at Sydney s Acer Arena will be treated to explosive matchups featuring two early Fight of The Year candidates. In the main event, a … More >>

UFC 110: Nogueira v. Velasquez


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  1. Dana Fight says:

    UFC 110 maked the first time the promotion headed to Australia. It was held at Acer Arena in Sydney Australia. It was also one of the fastest sellouts in UFC history. Over 17,000 Aussies packed the arena and they were treated to a pretty stacked card of MMA talent.

    The main event was a heavyweight match up between Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs Cain Velasquez. Nogueira is a legend in the sport. He’s fought top notch competition during his whole career in the UFC and Pride. He is deadly if he gets you to the ground, with his top level Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Nog is also coming off a recent win against UFC Hall of Famer Randy Cotoure. Cain is a stand up fighter who is rising through the heavyweight rankings at lightning speed. Many consider him a great opponent for UFC Champ Brock Lesnar. Going into this fight, Cain was riding a 6-0 record only 1 time going to a decision. This is a classic grappler vs striker matchup with the winner being immediately put on the fast track for a title shot.

    The co-main event was a middleweight bout between Wanderlei Silva and Michael Bisping. Wanderlei’s one of the most feared fighters in MMA. When he hits you, he’s trying to hurt you. He comes in this fight sporting a newly surgically reconstructed face because his nose has pretty much been smashed in from all the wars he’s been in. Wand comes into every fight with the heart of a lion and always puts on a good show. His striking is great and his endurance and cardio are incredible. Michael Bisping was the winner of the 3rd season of The Ultimate Fighter reality show. He has good striking but little to know wrestling. He is a fan favorite in Britain and has been the face of British MMA. Unfortunately, many people remember Bisping from the brutal ko he received at the hands of Dan Henderson at UFC 100. Since then he had an amazing win against Dennis Kang at UFC 105. Now he’s looking to continue his win streak and get back into title contention. But can he get past Wanderlei “The Axe Murdurer” Silva?

    The rest of the Main Card:

    Joe Stevenson vs George Sotiropoulos

    Keith Jardine vs Ryan Bader

    Mirko CroCop Filipovic vs Anthony Perosh

    The Prelim Bouts:

    Stephan Bonnar vs Krzysztof Soszynski

    Chris Lytle vs Brian Foster

    C.B. Dollaway vs Goran Reljic

    James Te-Huna vs Igor Pokrajac

    This was an excellent UFC event. The Aussie fans are well educated in the sport and they brought a high level of energy that can be felt watching on TV. The fights on this card were action packed and are sure to impress the casual fan. Well worth the purchase.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. fmwaalex says:

    UFC 110

    This was one of the best night of fights I ever paid a pay per view price for [I buy them all], three of my all time fav’s got in there and it was great. My Pride guys Mirko Cro Cop, Wanderlei Silva, and Big Nog all fought on this card and add in that the other two televised fights were great and you have a great card.

    DISC 1

    1.MIRKO CRO COP VS ANTHONY PEROSH-Cro Cop returns to the octagon to take on a man who deserves all the props in the world for taking the fight on like a day notice or something like that. Perosh would come in for Ben Rothwell as Cro Cop’s next opponent. The first round was just as I had expected with Cro Cop stalking his opponent landing strike after strike on the feet and also landing some good ground and pound any time Perosh would shoot in. Cro Cop took the round easy as one would expect but props to Perosh for going in there in the first place. The second round looked like the first but with Cro Cop landing heavy shots and dominating Perosh. Once on the ground Cro Cop lands a huge shot and the elbow cuts Perosh open bad. The doctors want to stop it since the cut is right above the eye but Perosh tells them he wants to continue. He shows how tough he is and how much heart he has by not only taking the fight late against a feared legend, but also continuing to fight even after the nasty cut. But after the round ends the call it any way and Cro Cop returns to the octagon with a TKO victory.5/5

    2.KEITH JARDINE VS RYAN BADER-the second fight of the televised card turned out to be very competitive much like we thought it would be. The first round is back and forth with both landing some nice combos and even makes its way to the ground. The second round is close as well but Jardine takes the advantage landing more strikes and landing some leg kicks. The third round is really close as well both coming at each other until Bader lands a nice right and charges him. A flying knee and left later Bader wins this one.5/5

    3.JOE STEVENSON VS GEORGE SOTIROPOULOS-the next fight is between two very skilled lightweights, one a former contender and the other a hopeful. This fight is exactly the first thing you should watch if you want to see the ground game at a high level. The first round is excellent with George going for submissions and ground and pound, and Joe defending very well. The second round is just absolutely beautiful with some of the best Jiu Jitsu I have ever seen in a long time. Joe defends while George just goes for everything, and even gets a wonderful sweep. The third and final round is just as great as the first two with these guys displaying some wonderful skills, back and forth chess match. George rightfully takes the unanimous decision.5/5

    4.WANDERLEI SILVA VS MICHAEL BISPING-the fight I was looking forward to the most since I love Silva and have never really been a fan of Bisping. The first round is very close with both fighters landing and dodging each others shots. Now I am not a fan of Bisping but I am never one to take away from some one. I have to say he did really well in that first round getting a few take downs [Silva popped back up immediately], so he did better than I was expecting. Still Silva landing some great leg kicks and some heavy shot, especially at the end of the round. The second round is excellent with each getting a take down but Silva did in very impressively catching a kick and kicking out his other hard. Silva also landing some heavy shots in this round. The final round is the best with Silva kicking out Bisping’s leg again and just landing big shots, including one that drops Bisping at the end of the round. Silva takes the fight by unanimous and thankfully beats Bisping.5/5

    5.ANTONIO RODRIGO NOGUEIRA VS CAIN VELASQUEZ-the main event was between two very dangerous heavyweights, former champ Big Nog and up & comer Cain. This fight really was to test Cain to see if he was ready for the big leagues. Now all I can say about this fight is WOW, he is indeed ready. The fight does not even last a full round as Cain was just the faster guy that night. He lands a hard right that drops Big Nog and then follows up with some vicious shots to get the KO win. He is now the second person only to stop Big Nog, Frank Mir was the first. Great showcase for Cain, very impressive and it hurts to write this, I am a huge Nogueira fan.5/5

    The special feature on this disc is the excellent Countdown show for 110, highly recommended.

    DISC 2

    6.JAMES TE HUMA VS IGOR POKRAJAC-the first round is good with one fighter getting dropped early and still fighting back. We spend much of the round on the ground with a little ground & pound. The second round sees Te Huna ground and pound for most of the round until the last 30 seconds or so when he gets dropped by Igor. The third round sees Te Huna take Igor down and land some more shots until the ref calls it and Te Huna gets the W.3.5/5

    7.CB DOLLAWAY VS GORAN RELJIC-good first round between these two fighters as they both throw some great kicks throughout the first round. CB does poke Goran in the eye but the fight continues. The second round is full of action with both fighters trying to end it but CB looks a little better. The third round is really good with some back and forth action but CB takes the victory in this one winning two rounds to one.4.5/5

    8.CHRIS LYTLE VS BRIAN FOSTER-one of my favorite fighters ever Chris Lytle is back in the mix as he takes on Brian Foster in this one. Foster does very well for a while until it goes to the ground, that is were Lytle locks in the knee bar. He goes home with the win and once again is in the mix.5/5

    9.STEPHAN BONNAR VS KRZYSZTOF SOSZYNSKI-the first round between these two is back and forth action with both guys just swinging. The come out hard and blood starts to spill early. The second round looks just like the first one with even more hard shots to each others heads, great fight thus far. The third round seems like it will be more of the great same but a head butt prematurely ends the fight. Krzysztof gets the win even though technically it should have been a draw. Still the rematch has been set and we will see rounds 4, 5, and 6.5/5

    I highly recommend this event as it has been one of the best yet with no of the fights disappointing, great night of fights.

    The special features on this disc include the weigh ins and some great .com features but the behind the scenes on this one is one of the best yet.

    Rating: 5 / 5